IRIS Business Architect

IRIS Business Architect vs EA Tools - IRIS Business Architect is not just another EA tool. It’s foremost a business-centric collaborative planning software application that includes business design, transformation architecture, initiative/project planning, and agile delivery for the entire planning ecosystem of an organization. It’s often owned by the Business Transformation Committee of an organization, not just the CIO. Here’s how our software […]
Completing a Successful M&A Using Business Architecture - Whitepaper by Daniel Lambert Here is the amazing story of Mela Apfel[1], a Business Architecture Director at Apple Republic[2], and how she and her team are assisting Apple Republic in completing a successful Merger and Acquisition using business architecture. Context Mela Apfel has been appointed about three months ago to the position of director – […]
Using Architecture to Boost Product Management - Whitepaper by Daniel Lambert Product management is an essential ingredient to a successful customer-centric business transformation. For many mature organizations, product management will sometimes be involved in the creation of a new product, but much more frequently it will involve revamping existing products, or more precisely architecting appealing value propositions made of tailor-made products for […]

BIL-T Conference on Nov. 11 2021 - We are very glad to be presenting at the IASA Global BIL-T Conference web summit on November 11 about the "Architecture of Tomorrow". The presentation at 10:00 AM Eastern time will be about "Demystifying the Business Architecture Iceberg Syndrome". Most organizations recognize that they urgently need to innovate and use new technology to stay relevant. […]
Webinaire – Mettre en œuvre une culture d’architecture axée sur les capacités commerciales - La transformation de votre société se déroule comme prévu ? La sélection des initiatives et des projets et les paramètres de priorité sont loin d'être optimaux ? Vos équipes agiles travaillent en silos ? Les résultats commerciaux de votre projet ne sont souvent pas atteints ou pire encore non définis ? Votre organisation n'est pas axée […]
Oct. 7 WEBINAR – Navigating the Wilds of Capability Mapping - You're invited to our Webinar "Navigating the Wilds of Capability Mapping" on October 7, 2021, at 14:00 Central European time provided by Daniel Simon, Founder and Managing Director at ACROSS & AHEAD, our partner in Europe. The webinar will provide you with guidance to help cope with the plethora of views on capability mapping that […]

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Interface extrêmement intuitive. Les fonctionnalités avancées et les fonctionnalités personnalisables sont standard. Superbe option d'essai avant d'acheter. Le support est le meilleur que j'ai jamais vu.
Jason G., Telecom