IRIS Business Architect vs EA Tools

IRIS Business Architect is not just another EA tool. It’s foremost a business-centric collaborative planning software application that includes business design, transformation architecture, initiative/project planning, and agile delivery for the entire planning ecosystem of an organization. It’s often owned by the Business Transformation Committee of an organization, not just the CIO. Here’s how our [...]

Agile Architecture: Becoming a Reality

I could not agree more with Nick Malik[1], that wrote: “Agile architecture. It not only can be done, but it is an essential skill for Digital Transformation.[2]” Agile architecture is necessary for dynamic and competitive environments, agile corporate planning ecosystems, and highly iterative initiative deliveries. Yet, agile architecture does not mean free for all. [...]

Agile Business Architecture

Delivering agile business architecture is becoming an essential skill for digital transformation, which is one of the greatest business challenges of our time. Delivering it successfully requires a level of agility that traditional enterprise architecture struggles to cope with. Planning and developing architectural concepts upfront are essential, but it needs to be done differently. [...]

Using Architecture to Boost Product Management

Whitepaper by Daniel Lambert

Product management is an essential ingredient to a successful customer-centric business transformation. For many mature organizations, product management will sometimes be involved in the creation of a new product, but much more frequently it will involve revamping existing products, or more precisely architecting appealing value propositions made of tailor-made products for [...]

Completing a Successful Merger and Acquisition Using Business Architecture

Whitepaper by Daniel Lambert

Here is the amazing story of Mela Apfel[1], a Business Architecture Director at Apple Republic[2], and how she and her team are assisting Apple Republic in completing a successful Merger and Acquisition using business architecture.


Mela Apfel has been appointed about three months ago to the position of director – business architecture [...]

Extracting Value from Business Architecture and IT Architecture

Enterprise architecture needs sufficient resources to plan and map proper customer-driven business architecture, but the 3 domains of IT architecture should not be neglected, which are application/service, information/data, and technology/infrastructure.

The Importance of Value in Business Architecture

The business architecture domain within enterprise architecture is not just about business capabilities and business processes. It is foremost [...]

The Art of Measurement in Architecture

Whitepaper written by Daniel Lambert

Structuring an Enterprise or a Business Architecture model without measuring any of its key elements is a pure waste of time. An enterprise architect practice that mostly limits itself to information technology (“IT”) architecture metrics has a very siloed point of view of the organization and will usually not be [...]

The Business Architecture Iceberg Syndrome

Whitepaper written by Daniel Lambert

Most well-known and traditional businesses are deploying digital technologies on the cloud, using the Internet of things and mobile applications. More and more are testing and starting to deploy artificial intelligence within their operations. However, just a few of these established companies have been designed for digital from the beginning.

Too [...]

Presenting IRIS Business Architect’s Newest European Partner, ACROSS & AHEAD

Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect, is proud to announce its partnership with ACROSS & AHEAD.

ACROSS & AHEAD is a specialist provider of advisory and training services in enterprise architecture, business architecture, business design, and digital transformation. Its mission is to help enterprises to look at business and operating models holistically and [...]

Presenting IRIS Business Architect’s Newest Partner, EA Principals

Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect, is proud to announce its partnership with EA Principals.

As a Gold Member of The Open Group, EA Principals is a well-established leader in Enterprise Architecture globally across all verticals, serving some of the world's most prestigious organizations.

EA Principals offers accredited courses in TOGAF® Version 9.2, [...]