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Browser-Based IRIS Business Architect Version 3 Free Trial - It’s never been easier to design, architect, prioritize, and deliver your corporate future successfully than with our new browser-based IRIS Busines Architect version 3 hosted on the cloud or on-premise, as shown in this 2-minute video. Ask for a demo, a trial, or additional information.
7 Tips to Grow your Enterprise and Business Architecture Practice - Whitepaper written by Daniel Lambert You're starting your business enterprise architecture practice? Do you feel your enterprise and business architecture is not performing to its full capacity? In this whitepaper, you will learn seven tips on how to increase the odds of success of your business architecture practice within your organization. You will learn how […]
Delivering Successful Agile Projects Using Architecture - by Daniel Lambert Enterprise architecture can be very complementary to the success of agile programs and projects by increasing the odds of reaching your targeted business outcomes. Here is how this can be done. Limited Success Rate of Digital Transformation – Still Today Too many projects initiated by traditional businesses fail to deliver meaningful business […]

WEBINAR: Examining the Financial Aspects of your Architecture on Dec. 10 - Examining the financial aspects of your architecture is imperative. Yet, it is rarely discussed in the literature and in webinars. This webinar will dedicate 30 minutes to it. You'll learn the following: How to find potential strategic initiatives and projects in your organization? How to gather financial information (revenue and cost) for your initiatives and […]
WEBINAR: I Am a Business Architect, Now What? on Nov. 26 - We are proud to have one of our colleagues, Daniel Lambert, as a guest speaker at Agora Insights, where he will discuss what it means to be a business architect and why it's matters. During this session, we will be discussing among others the following: the profession of business architecture, tips for entering and working […]
WEBINAR: 7 Tips to Improve your Business Architecture Practice - Watch the Video Recording of this webinar entitled "7 Tips to Improve your Business Architecture Practice" that was held on October 29, 2020. This video is one of many on our IRIS Business Architect YouTube Channel.

What One of Our Clients Says

Extremely intuitive interface. Deep features and customizable functionality are standard out of the box. Great try-before-you-buy option. Support is the best I've ever seen.
Jason G., Telecom