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IRIS Business Architect vs EA Tools - IRIS Business Architect is not just another EA tool. It’s foremost a business-centric collaborative planning software application that includes business design, transformation architecture, initiative/project planning, and agile delivery for the entire planning ecosystem of an organization. It’s often owned by the Business Transformation Committee of an organization, not just the CIO. Here’s how our software […]
Agile Architecture: Becoming a Reality - I could not agree more with Nick Malik[1], that wrote: “Agile architecture. It not only can be done, but it is an essential skill for Digital Transformation.[2]” Agile architecture is necessary for dynamic and competitive environments, agile corporate planning ecosystems, and highly iterative initiative deliveries. Yet, agile architecture does not mean free for all. Far […]
Agile Business Architecture - Delivering agile business architecture is becoming an essential skill for digital transformation, which is one of the greatest business challenges of our time. Delivering it successfully requires a level of agility that traditional enterprise architecture struggles to cope with. Planning and developing architectural concepts upfront are essential, but it needs to be done differently. Long […]

Business Architecture Innovation Summit on March 22-24 2022 in Reston VA - Over the past decade, the Business Architecture Innovation Summit™ has been the premier event dedicated to delivering implementation success stories, industry advancements, key learnings, and expediting business architecture adoption across the globe. Presenters from a wide variety of industries and disciplines have shared their experiences in delivering and leveraging business architecture across a wide range […]
Webinar – Business Architecture and Strategy Execution on Feb. 22 - Our partner, Agora Insights, and Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect, are pleased to present this free webinar entitled "Business Architecture and Strategy Execution" to be held on February 22 (February 23 in New Zealand and Australia). You will learn about the benefits of using business architecture for strategy execution in aligning business […]
BIL-T Conference on Nov. 11 2021 - We are very glad to be presenting at the IASA Global BIL-T Conference web summit on November 11 about the "Architecture of Tomorrow". The presentation at 10:00 AM Eastern time will be about "Demystifying the Business Architecture Iceberg Syndrome". Most organizations recognize that they urgently need to innovate and use new technology to stay relevant. […]

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Extremely intuitive interface. Deep features and customizable functionality are standard out of the box. Great try-before-you-buy option. Support is the best I've ever seen.
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