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You are minutes away from using our free trial version of IRIS Business Architect release 2.6.16. After you have submitted your request by completing the form below, you will receive immediately after an email from If you do not see it in your inbox, our email probably end it up in your spam. In this email, entitled "Request Free Trial", you will find easy instructions on how to download our software. In this email, you will click on the “Click here to Download” hyperlink. Then, follow the instructions. Once our software has been downloaded on your computer, a short Word document, entitled “release_notes” and with simple instructions, will also be downloaded and automatically opened. Please make sure that you have followed the instructions written in this Word document. Also note that the initial link below on this web page to our first of seven videos also explains simply how to install IRIS Business Architect.

We invite you to view anyone of these 7 videos introducing you to IRIS Business Architect:

Other videos will follow soon.

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