Most Enterprise Architecture tools claim to handle business strategies and business architecture well. Yet, when a client compares IRIS Business Architect to an ‘EA’ tool, they understand a lot better the power of business architecture to communicate adequately with their business and IT stakeholders and deliver customer-driven initiatives in conformity with their organization’s strategies.

IRIS Business Architect allows:

  • Business Model Canvas, Customer Value Maps, Customer Journey Maps, Business Motivation Modeling, and SWOT Analysis, all linkable to various business and enterprise architecture domains;
  • Alignment to BIZBOK, TOGAF, BPMN and BABOK; and yet IRIS Business Architect is very easily customizable;
  • Easy development of detailed scenarios and roadmaps;
  • Only 10 hours of training before full user and viewer autonomy and team collaboration;
  • Quick customizable dynamic diagram publishing from any business architecture element usually generated in less than a minute;
  • Selection of 30 different types of measurements and over 260 types of measurable cross-map relationships;
  • Links easily your roadmap, projects, and sprints to business processes, business requirements, epics, and user stories;
  • Easy one or two day(s) implementation using cloud server hosting; and
  • Intelligent synchronization of users' modifications occurring on applications integrated to IRIS Business Architect, like Aha! Software, Jira Software, Microsoft 365 Office Suite, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Project, ServiceNow, Tableau Dashboards, etc.
Can your ‘EA’ tool claim the same?

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Furthermore, IRIS Business Architect helps Business Architects describe, understand, and optimize organizational structures, business processes and assets, so that your organization can:

  • Align Easily and with Cohesion your Consolidated Strategy Views to All Business Units
IRIS Business Architect makes it easy for Business Architects and the Organization’s senior business stakeholders to have a clear and consolidated view of their organization’s strategy, structure, business processes, and assets detailed for each business unit. IRIS Business Architect also makes sure that your organizational structure, business processes, and IT projects fit in with your organization’s overall strategy in a coherent manner. IRIS Business Architect includes a collaborative workspace and shared repository bringing all relevant information together and making it easy for all Business Architects and senior business stakeholders to be active players. Business Architects and senior business stakeholders can access a consolidated view of your organization through a web-based interface. IRIS Business Architect helps Business Architects align each business unit with their organization’s strategic goals, making sure they stay aligned, and make adjustments rapidly when necessary on a continuous basis ensuring cohesion at all levels of your organization at all times.

  • Measure Strategy Implementation Through Capability Mappings on a Continuous Basis
IRIS Business Architect lets Business Architects measure key indicators related to strategy, agility, performance, risks, and controls, taking into account business capabilities, constraints, costs, and deadlines for all business units of an organization. Business Architects can now check easily whether their organization’s strategy is being executed according to plan on a continuous basis. Because IRIS Business Architect provides clear, reliable, and specific information to senior business stakeholders within all the organizations’ business units, everyone is sure to understand your organization’s strategy, goals, and any discrepancies that can occur during implementation.

  • Improve Decision Making by Lowering Risk
IRIS Business Architect gives Business Architects the information they need to make informed decisions about their organization’s strategy and any of their underlying projects. Because all information is consolidated into a shared repository, reports and dashboards from IRIS Business Architect are consistent and reliable, making it easier for Business Architects to create, select and manage projects and business initiatives based on cost and strategic risk criteria.