Do you want to optimize your Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture Practice in your organization?

Learn how to start and deliver your financial services digital transformation initiatives using Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture by attending this interactive webinar, which contains 6 sessions of 60 minutes each. This webinar provided earlier in November 2018 has been very appreciated. It is made using a very detailed financial services enterprise architecture example that includes 3 very concrete examples as followed:

  • Reaching a New Market Using a Mobile Application,
  • Improving Fund Performance Using Artificial Intelligence, and
  • Automating Loans Using Blockchain.

The first webinar session will be provided on March 12, 2018 at 10:00 AM Eastern time. Other sessions are to follow on March 13, 14, 26, 27 and 28 at the same time. Each session will be recorded for later viewing. You can attend this webinar by registering on this event registration webpage.


This webinar will follow in details the steps described in the diagram above and include the following agenda:

  • Session 1 – Digital Transformation from Strategies to Value Streams
  • Session 2 – Digital Transformation from Value Streams to Expected Outcomes
  • Session 3 – Digital Transformation from Business Architecture to Portfolio Management and Solutions Delivery
  • Session 4 – The Primo Bank & Product/Service Launch to the Millennial Market Case Example
  • Session 5 – The Premiere Bank’s Potential Use of Artificial Intelligence in Wealth Management Example
  • Session 6– The Saisho Bank's Blockchain Initiative for Personal Loans Example

Once you have completed your registration to this webinar, you will receive detailed information about the exact coordinates of each session. After each session, you will also receive a confidential PDF slidedeck of the session and a link to a confidential private recording of the session. Feel free to ask additional information by emailing us at