Agora Insights and Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect are pleased to present this free webinar about demystifying the business architecture iceberg syndrome to be held on August 24 (August 25 in New Zealand and Australia). Enterprises need to get better at designing, architecting, prioritizing, and delivering their corporate future successfully. Investing most of your resources strictly in technology is a recipe for failure. Successful innovation implementation is rarely attainable without executive sponsorship, enterprise and business architects, efficient governance, a more customer-driven approach, coherent strategies & goals, valuable and useful data, capability-based roadmaps, business outcomes for each one of an organization’s projects, change management, and in general an agile mindset.

Daniel Lambert, VP - Business Architecture at Benchmark Consulting, will be presenting this webinar, which will be facilitated by Deirdre Caren, Director of Agora Insights.