You’ve got a good enterprise architecture team, focused mostly on applications, data, and services? Your business stakeholders do not understand what you're doing with your EA tool? Your agile IT delivery team does not know or have easy access to your information?

Including business architecture to your EA practice could make your team much more valuable to both IT and business stakeholders, especially with the IRIS Business Architect Utility Examples and Framework. Watch this video for additional information:


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Our IRIS Business Architect Utility Framework/Examples for electric, gas and water utility companies, includes the following:

  • over 1,000 business capabilities;
  • over 450 information concepts, many of them linked to business capabilities;
  • 32 detailed value streams, 15 of them are customer-driven and with their enabling business capabilities;
  • over 90 utility stakeholders, most of them linked to value stages among others;
  • over 50 typical business units/departments, linked to business capabilities;
  • over 50 typical products and services;
  • over 1,600 business processes from the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) - Utilities - Excel Version 7.2.1
  • over 1,800 cross-map relationships;
  • over 400 automatically updated diagrams according to your latest changes;
  • the ‘Implementing a Utility Mobile Application’ example;
  • the ‘Improving Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence’ example;
  • the ‘Electric Vehicle Charges with Wireless Payment Using Blockchain’ example;
  • a merger & acquisition example; and
  • 7 slide decks with over 700 slides.

Our IRIS Utility Business Architecture Implementation offering includes our IRIS Business Architect Utility Framework/Examples, a Two-Day Customer-Centric Utility Business Architecture Tutorial, and a minimum of 7 days of Customized Business Architecture Implementation Consulting Services.


Our Two-Day Customer-Centric Utility Business Architecture Tutorial and our Customized Business Architecture Implementation Consulting Services are described in more detail in this table below with pricing.

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