Do you want your Enterprise and Business Architecture practice to make a positive impact rapidly? Do you want to implement a successful Business Architecture practice? Accelerate your success with our framework and customized consulting services for any of the following industries: Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom and Utilities.

Business Architecture Customized Consulting Services, Tutorial and Framework
(pricing in US$)
A - Business Architecture Detailed Frameworks/Examples for the following industries: Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Utilities. Pricing: $3,995 if purchased with our IRIS Business Architect Workgroup or Enterprise software; otherwise $6,995.
B- Two-Day Customer-Centric Business Architecture Tutorial including 6 sections: first, Digital Transformation from Strategies to Value Streams, second, Digital Transformation from Value Streams to Expected Outcomes, third, Digital Transformation from Business Architecture to Portfolio Management and Solutions Delivery, and 3 different industry specific examples. This tutorial is meant to be presented to your business architects, your enterprise architects, your applications architects, your data architects, your business analysts and your business strategists, among others. This tutorial will be adapted to your organization. Pricing: $5,995.
C- Customized Business Architecture Implementation Consulting Services. Get expert guidance and advice during the implementation of your business architecture practice at any of the following phases: 1- organizing your practice and selecting your initial initiatives, 2- building your strategies and your roadmap; and 3- communicating and fine tuning your roadmap to facilitate the delivery of projects. Pricing: $1,495 per day.
D- Customized Financial Services Business Architecture Implementation Service Package (A + B + C X 7). Get our implementation service package including 1- our business architecture detailed framework/example, 2- our two-day customer-centric business architecture tutorial, and 3- Seven days of our customized business architecture implementation consulting services. Pricing: $19,995.
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