Organizations need to become more customer-driven. They need to maximize their customer's lifetime value by using predictive analytics, becoming more proactive, offering appealing value propositions to each one of their customer segments, and making sure that they continually transform themselves with grounded capability-based initiatives and projects targeting customer-driven outcomes.

Business and enterprise architects can become essential in the transformation of their organization into a more agile and customer-driven enterprise a few initiatives at a time. Benchmark Consulting, the creators of the software application IRIS Business Architect, can guide you in this journey with the following services:

  • Customized customer-driven business architecture tutorials
  • Implementation of a customer-centric and customized business architecture practice,
  • Business capability modeling and assessment initiation and improvements,
  • Product architecture and roadmap elaboration,
  • Application/System rationalization,
  • Customer-centric and financial IT portfolio analysis,
  • Initiative/Project prioritization, etc.


Become a more customer-driven organization using the 5 steps of an Agile Strategy Execution with our customized business architecture consulting services adapted to your industry using frameworks from any of the following industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Telecom, and Utilities.

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