by Daniel Lambert

In a constantly changing environment, digital transformation is becoming a priority. Yet, digital transformation is hard. It involves important risks and business complexities that often hold organizations back. Digital transformation projects often fail short of their objectives and drag far too long, because the planning, coordination and architectural bridges between business and IT stakeholders are none existent.

Building your business architecture and more importantly providing access to your organization’s business architecture model for your business and IT stakeholders is becoming critical if you want to minimize risk and become agile in your digital transformation. This allows greater accuracy in initiatives planning and allows your stakeholders to gather the necessary information to deliver their projects much more rapidly enabling more projects to be delivered on time and within budget.

Take a look at the Business Architecture Guild®'s own Business Architecture Model on this webpage. You could do the same using IRIS Business Architect. Obviously, contrarily to the Guild’s business architecture model, your organization’s business architecture model should be kept private and in a secure environment, where business and IT stakeholders would view what matters to them and nothing else.

The IRIS Business Architect team