IRIS Business Architect version 3 is a browser-based software that can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise, as shown in this video. The single-user version is still a desktop application running under Windows, Mac OS/X, or Linux. The pricing and main features of an IRIS Business Architect software license are below on this page. Pricing for a 12-month software as a service (SaaS) subscription instead of a software license is available on request.

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All prices in USD
Single User



Number of users included (additional users can be added) 1 named user 5 named users 10 named users
Number of viewers included (additional viewers can be added)Licensed by named viewer. Viewers are stakeholders that can view the business architecture projects, but cannot edit nor publish none 15 60
Number of top level enterprises includedLicensed by top level enterprise. Each enterprise can have an unlimited number of organizational units, like business units or division, but ultimately the architecture is modeled under specific enterprises 1 1 3
Type of application Desktop downloadable software Browser-based with server on the cloud or on-premise Browser-based with server on the cloud or on-premise
Business Architecture
Model based on the BIZBOK™ Guide Yes Yes Yes
Business capability map (10 levels max) Yes Yes Yes
Value stream / value stages map Yes Yes Yes
Organizational map (10 levels max) Yes Yes Yes
Strategy map (aligned with BMM, BMC, CVM, SWOT, Six Sigma) Yes Yes Yes
Initiative and project map Yes Yes Yes
Information map Yes Yes Yes
Journey map Yes Yes Yes
Stakeholders map Yes Yes Yes
Asset map (aligned with TOGAF) Yes Yes Yes
Product and service map Yes Yes Yes
Process map (aligned with BPMN) Yes Yes Yes
Requirements map (aligned on BABOK) Yes Yes Yes
Business Model, Strategies and Decision Making
Business motivation model (BMM) Yes Yes Yes
Business Model canvas (BMC) Yes Yes Yes
Customer value map (CVM) Yes Yes Yes
SWOT Assessments Yes Yes Yes
Six Sigma SIPOC Report Yes Yes Yes
Impact Analyses Yes Yes Yes
Analysis and Measurement (KPIs) Basic Standard KPIs and some customization Yes
Other Features
Detailed Initiative GANTT charts with percentage of completion Yes Yes Yes
Import/design/manage business processes (aligned to BPMN) Yes Yes Yes
Design/manage agile requirements, epics and user stories (BABOK) Yes Yes Yes
Data Integration (Import/Export)
Synchronizes data with most other software applications Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Excel (.xls) Yes Yes Yes
XML and XMI (export only) Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Project (import only) Yes Yes Yes
BPMN models and diagrams No Yes Yes
OData (Restful API) Yes read only (+ write in option) read & write
Tableau Dashboards No in option only Yes
Microsoft Power BI No No via OData4 data source
Model Publishing
Publish to print (Microsoft Docx & PDF)Collaborate better by publishing your model and all associated diagrams to print medium, in a format suitable for documentation and based on modifiable templates Yes Yes Yes
Reportingdelivered with 6 predefined templates Yes Yes Yes
Modify document layoutAllows you to customize the templates used for the publish to print functionality No Yes Yes
Web viewing applicationCollaborate better by publishing an image copy of your meta model and all associated diagrams to web based content, allowing for easy distribution of updates No Yes Yes
Multi-enterprise publishing/reportingFeature that allows for the federation of models covering multiple enterprises No No Yes
Model Version Management
Model Cloning Yes Yes Yes
Ability to compare model versions No Yes Yes
Full bi-directional model merging No Yes Yes
Track changes by user No No Yes
Model customization User-defined attributes & measures only + User-defined relationships + User-defined types + User-defined relationships + User-defined types
Composite Modelingsplit single BA model into manageable and multiple projects/architectures No No Yes
Ability to maintain multiple versions No No Yes
Configuration / Security
User authentication n/a Yes Yes
Authentication against LDAP/AD No No Yes
Group based ACL No No Yes
Content storage Local file Shared local file or server based transactional Db Server based transactional Db with replication support
User/Group access control based security permissions No Limited Yes
Content auditing support No No Yes
Extended Annual Support (% of license fee per year)
Silver support with free access to maintenance updates and minor releasesProvides 24 hour response time during business hours. Major Releases end of life happens every other major release (i.e. Version 1 becomes unsupported when Version 3 is released) 15% 15% 15%
Gold support with free access to maintenance updates, minor and major releasesProvides 4-business hour response time during business hours. Major Releases are included in this support plan, you are always up to date 30% 30% 30%
Add On Licenses
Additional 5-user license No $2,995 $2,995
Additional 5-viewer licenseLicensed by named viewer No $295 $295
License for one additional top level enterprise No $5,995 $5,995
Additional languagesIRIS Business Architect is delivered in English. Additional languages are also available in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Danish and other languages $9,995 per language $9,995 per language $9,995 per language
Remote Web training 10-hours5 web sessions of 2 hours each $1,995 $1,995 $1,995
Cloud hosting service or virtual machine set-up (Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Services, etc.) No $995/server $995/server
Cloud hosting service hostingPricing based on the number of users for a base license. Price is higher for additional users. Inquire for additional information No $3,595/server/year $6,795/server/year
Customized print/web layout or import/export connector No $995/10-hour block $995/10-hour block
Integration to other software application(s) No $995/10-hour block $995/10-hour block
Business architecture detailed content for the following industries: Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Utilities $6,995/each $3,995/each $3,995/each
Client System Requirements for Each Licensed User
Operating Systems: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10, 32 or 64 bits (64 bits recommended); Mac OS X, 10.5+ 64 bits; RH 6.x+ or similar, 64 bits
Java 8 (bundled with Windows and Mac OS X installers)
1 GB RAM (2GB recommended on 64 bits)
1 GHz Processor
600 MB disk space (install only)
200 MB disk space (user files)
Server, Virtual Machine or Cloud (Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Services, etc.) Requirements
Operating System: Docker (preferred), RH 6.x+ or similar, 64 bits, Windows Server 2012 and above, 8 or 10, 64 bits
Java 8 (bundled with Docker and Windows installers)
16 GB RAM 32GB recommended)
2 GHz Multicore Processor
1 GB disk space (install only)
10 GB - 50GB MB disk space (user files & log)
Multi-tenant and white labeling can be made available on request.