Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect, is proud to announce its partnership with ACROSS & AHEAD.

ACROSS & AHEAD is a specialist provider of advisory and training services in enterprise architecture, business architecture, business design, and digital transformation. Its mission is to help enterprises to look at business and operating models holistically and to align around a common vision and make it reality.

For organizations that aim to strengthen their ability to look across and think ahead, ACROSS & AHEAD offers a wide range of consulting services including architecture practice development, architecture blueprinting, and business design and transformation guidance. In addition, ACROSS & AHEAD provides a number of training courses to help practitioners advance their skills in areas such as business architecture, architecture storytelling and facilitation, and architecture modeling.

ACROSS & AHEAD is a Guild Accredited Training Partner® (GATP®) with the Business Architecture Guild® and a member of The Open Group.

For additional information, please contact ACROSS & AHEAD at or Benchmark Consulting at