The IRIS Business Architect Framework for Communications Service Providers ("CSP") is now available for telecom carriers, cable/TV carriers, mobile carriers, internet service providers, etc. It includes the following:

  • over 900 business capabilities;
  • over 400 information concepts, many of them linked to business capabilities;
  • over 2,000 Business Processes;
  • 31 detailed value streams, 8 of them are customer-driven and with their enabling business capabilities;
  • 80 typical communications service providers stakeholders, most of them linked to value stages among others;
  • over 20 typical business units/departments, linked to business capabilities;
  • 18 typical products and services;
  • over 1,800 cross-map relationships;
  • over 300 automatically updated diagrams according to your latest changes (sample here);
  • a product/service launch example; and
  • a merger & acquisition example.

The framework is delivered with over 900 business capabilities, complete with their titles and descriptions. Many of these capabilities are linked to value stages, information concepts, all level one business processes, and to the different units of a typical communications service provider organization. The framework also comes with 37 level 1 business capabilities with their corresponding children up to 7 levels deep. About 170 business capabilities are strategic oriented, over 420 are customer-facing oriented, and over 350 are support oriented.


The IRIS Communications Service Providers Business Architecture Framework also includes 31 detailed value streams diagrams, complete with value stream and value stage descriptions, as shown in the diagram below. All value streams and value stages include their triggering and participating stakeholders.


This framework includes 8 customer-facing value streams with their enabling business capabilities, as shown in the diagram below.


This framework also includes over 2,000 business processes available to all members of the most renown association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications industry, where all level one business processes are linked to their corresponding business capabilities that they enable, as shown in the diagram below.


The IRIS Communications Service Provider Business Architecture Framework is delivered with over 400 information concepts, complete with their titles and descriptions. All information concepts in this framework are linked to their corresponding business capabilities. It is also delivered with a typical Communication Service Provider Organization Chart that includes over 20 typical business units, 25 products and services typically offered by a Communication Service Provider and 80 stakeholders typically involved with a Communication Service Provider.

Finally, The IRIS Communications Service Provider Business Architecture Framework comes with 2 examples; first, a product/service launch to the millennial market example, and second, a merger and acquisition example.

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Please note that our Communications Service Provider Digital Transformation Using Enterprise and Business Architecture Webinar is made with this framework.