We are extremely proud to announce that Ontologics is now our IRIS Business Architect partner in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Ontologics’ experienced and reputable experts can now offer the IRIS Business Architect software application as a way to accelerate the value of your architecture activities. IRIS Business Architect provides a low cost/high-value software application that delivers tangible, reusable and manageable architected outcomes.

About Ontologics Pty Ltd

Ontologics are experts in enterprise sustainability, providing structure, clarity, analytics and insight. Ontologics provides services based on proven methods combined with decades of real-world experience that enable better decisions, better outcomes, and sustainability for enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. From strategy to transformation to operations, with our innovative combination of methods and technology, we can help you solve the immediate crisis as well as set you up to better handle future challenges. Outcomes-based, capability-based or deliverable-based services. For more information, please contact them using their phone number,   +1 61 7 3040 1340, or at this email address, contact@ontologics.com.au.

About IRIS Business Architect

Benchmark Consulting is the creator of IRIS Business Architect for Business Architects, Enterprise Architects, IT Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, Business Analysts, Software/Application Architects and CIOs of medium-size and large companies and government organizations.

IRIS Business Architect is a reliable, secure and affordable business and enterprise architecture collaborative software to build roadmaps from business strategic planning to agile IT delivery. It's aligned to TOGAF, BIZBOK, BPMN & BABOK among others; yet IRIS Business Architect is also easily customizable. IRIS provides rich design, modeling, and management functionalities to continually reflect the changes in your architecture, minimize risk and enhance decision making. Training takes at most 10 hours; implementation, only a few days.

For more information, please contact us at this phone number, +1.514.798.2042, or at this email address, info@biz-architect.com.