We are glad to be participating virtually in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Professional Development Day on April 20, 2021. Daniel Lambert will be making a presentation at 9:30 Central time entitled "How Business Architecture Helps Agile Projects Hit Business Targets".

Business architecture can be very complementary to the success of agile programs and projects, increasing the odds of reaching your organization's targeted business outcomes. This presentation will discuss, among others, the 7 benefits of using architecture in large-scale digital transformation projects:

  • Better alignment of your agile projects to the firm’s strategies and tactics everywhere,
  • Easy identification of the value streams and capabilities that matter the most and require more funding,
  • Optimal planning and management of capacity and resources to deliver agile projects,
  • Increased understanding between agile teams to avoid duplicate projects,
  • Detailed enterprise view to define epics and user stories more accurately and quickly,
  • Superior employee engagement, and
  • Better real-time reporting and analytics to fine-tune decision-making.

Key Learning Points/Objectives

  • Learn about the basics of business architecture,
  • Learn how architects can be used in the different steps of portfolio and project planning,
  • Learn how to use business architecture while planning and defining epics, features, and user stories, and
  • Learn how to increase the odds of your agile projects hitting your organizational business targets.