IRIS Business Architect helps practitioners and consulting organization, like our Partners, develop comprehensive Business Architecture programs and solutions for their clients. IRIS Business Architect allows practitioners to easily deliver their expert services.

Increase Team Cohesion with Your Clients

With IRIS Business Architect, practitioners increase their clients’ team cohesion among their business architects and their stakeholders. Your clients will have better tools to facilitate the achievement of their goals. Business Architects in an enterprise will collaborate with each other more easily. They will be able to share and publish their work more easily.

Easily Collaborate with Your Clients’ Business Architects

With IRIS Business Architect, practitioners can collaborate much more easily with their clients’ Business Architects during their mandate. Exchanges between practitioners and their clients are more frequent.

Share Work Quickly with Your Clients’ Stakeholders

With IRIS Business Architect, practitioners can share their work quickly with their clients’ stakeholders everywhere in the enterprise. IRIS Business Architect makes it easy to improve communication and adherence to the corporation’s new strategy in all business units of a corporation.This allows to optimize their work to the entire satisfaction of their clients. Discrepancies between the strategic goals at the head office and any given business unit are rapidly identified for a clearer view on how it can be remedied.

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