Take the labor out of modeling your financial institution's business capabilities. Our Partner, Business Architecture Info offers pre-built, ready-to-go, and customizable business capability maps for the financial services industry. The Financial Services Business Architecture Framework and Examples will guide you to craft rapidly and precisely your own specific business architecture model within your organization. Watch this video for additional information:

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Our Financial Services Business Architect Framework and Examples for retail banks, commercial banks, wholesale banking, wealth management, trading services, currency exchange, corporate finance, venture capital, and insurance companies, include the following:

  • over 1,060 business capabilities;
  • over 420 information concepts, many of them linked to business capabilities;
  • 42 detailed value streams, 16 of them are customer-driven and with their enabling business capabilities;
  • over 100 financial institution stakeholders, most of them linked to value stages among others;
  • over 50 typical business units/departments, linked to business capabilities;
  • over 50 typical products and services;
  • over 1,600 business processes from the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF) - Banking - Excel Version 7.2.1
  • over 2,600 cross-map relationships;
  • over 250 automatically updated diagrams according to your latest changes;
  • the ‘Reaching a New Market Using a Mobile Application’ example;
  • the ‘Improving Fund Performance Using Artificial Intelligence’ example;
  • the ‘Automating Loans Using Blockchain’ example; and
  • a merger & acquisition example.

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