7 Qualities of Top Business Architects

Clients and users of our software application[1] are either business architects[2], enterprise architects that understand the need of linking business strategies to their initiatives and their enterprise architecture model, or experienced business analysts that know both the business and IT side of their organizations and must manage their organization’s requirements with relevance to their [...]

The Place of Business Architecture within Enterprise Architecture

Fortunately, Enterprise Architecture (“EA”) is not always only about enterprise and IT documentation anymore. EA is trying more and more to be involved with the digital transformation of their organization. Yet, their digital transformation initiatives are still too often planned and deployed without involving the business side of their organization. Business Architecture, one of [...]

Enabling Customer Driven Innovations Using Business Architecture

by Daniel Lambert

The pace of innovation is increasing and affecting more and more how we are developing products/services and approaching clients. Disruptions are occurring at a quicker pace then ever, where the most acute organizations have no choice but to transform rapidly to a customer driven enterprise providing customer lifetime value, involving not just [...]

Using Both Six Sigma and Business Architecture for More Effective Business Transformation

by Daniel Lambert

Six Sigma has been transforming businesses for the last 30 years. To insure their continued success, Six Sigma Black Belts need Business Architecture to make their operational improvements stick over the long run for more effective business transformation. To combine these two complementary methodologies, Six Sigma SIPOC reports need to be build [...]

Product Management Using Business Architecture

I would not be surprised that a majority of Business Transformation initiatives will involve in the future product (and service) management. Yet, literature about this subject is scarce. Product managers often work in isolation from the rest of the company, even if product management – which can be either the creation of a new [...]

New Strategic Partner in Great Britain: Searchlight Consulting

We are extremely proud to announce that Searchlight Consulting is now a strategic partner of ours in Great Britain.

Searchlight Consulting’s experienced and reputable experts now use the IRIS Business Architect toolset as a way to accelerate their clients' IT-enabled business transformation. As indicated by <a href="https://uk.linkedin.com/in/bryanoak" target="_blank"Bryan Oak, Consulting Services Director at Searchlight [...]

(English) 2016 Business Architecture Survey

This 2016 Business Architecture Survey General Findings Report is written in collaboration by Whynde Kuehn, Partner at Business Architecture Associates, Robert Kost, Partner at Thematix, Daniel Lambert, Vice-President at Benchmark (IRIS Business Architect), Alain Picard, Chief Technology Officer at Benchmark (IRIS Business Architect), Larry Smith, Partner at Thematix, and William Ulrich, Partner at Business [...]

Providing Access to Your Business Architecture Model: the Key to Agile Digital Transformation

In a constant changing environment, providing access to your organization’s business architecture model by your business and IT stakeholders is becoming critical if you want to become agile in your digital transformation. This allows greater accuracy in their initiatives planning and allows them to gather the necessary information to deliver their projects much more [...]

(English) Bridging Business Model Canvas and Business Architecture

The Business Model Canvas, as shown in Figure 1 above, is a common method to build a business plan in very large and small companies because it is both structured and very simple to understand. The Business Model Canvas is also very Customer-Driven. Yet, there has not been in the past an easy way [...]

IRIS Business Architect Price Change Notification – Effective January 1st 2017

Effective of January 1st 2017, the pricing of our software is going to increase. Most importantly, prices for a Single User license will reach $3,495 each instead of $1,995 and a Workgroup license will start at $12,495 each instead of $8,995. The IRIS Business Architect Enterprise license pricing will stay at $24,995 each.

We invite [...]