The Enterprise Architect’s Ecosystem in an Agile Enterprise

Agile organizations are becoming more common because of the increased appreciation for their transformational gains. With this movement, we are assisting at the emergence of a new breed of enterprise architects that are becoming instrumental in making their corporation more agile. It requires a major culture shift where enterprise architects need to collaborate frequently [...]

Fine Tuning SAFe® with Architecture

by Daniel Lambert

Most organizations view their digital transformation as a top priority. Many are full speed ahead with their digital transformation using SAFe® or another agile approach to deliver their information technology projects. Yet “83% of leaders struggle to make meaningful progress on their digital transformation,” according to Gartner [1]. Too often, architects and [...]

Architecting and Delivering Optimal Customer Journeys

By Daniel Lambert

Marketers and product managers are getting very good at the elaboration of enticing and optimal customer journeys. Their organizations use various agile methodologies in the hope of speeding things up and yet most of them struggle in delivering these journeys on time and within budget. This article intends to show how [...]

Tackling Artificial Intelligence Using Architecture

By Daniel Lambert

Artificial intelligence (‘AI’) is more and more sneaking up into our daily activities. Anyone using Google, Facebook or a Microsoft product knows this. It’s far from perfect, but it’s improving at a quick pace. Not every enterprise is using AI at the same pace. Has your organization started looking into using AI [...]

Digital Transformation Using Enterprise and Business Architecture

By Daniel Lambert

Some dramatic ‘disruptions’ are occurring pushed by very young and very innovative companies as shown in Figure 1 below, forcing more traditional corporations to react with digital transformation initiatives. It is not a surprise that Gartner[1] mentions that “90% of corporate leaders view digital as a top priority”, and that yet “83% [...]

Agility and Architecture

written by Daniel Lambert

I seriously doubt that agile initiatives can have success in the long run if they are not supported by an enterprise and business architecture framework that can be reused and enhanced from one project to the next. Digital transformation is not about a one-time change project or about spontaneous business activities. [...]

7 Compelling Qualities of Business and Enterprise Architects

by Daniel Lambert

I have met a lot of business and enterprise architects over time. Some know their business industry inside out. Others know information technology extremely well. The ones that I prefer are very good at handling both the business and the technology side of their organization. They listen very well and can explain [...]

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Architecture

written by Daniel Lambert

Lean and Agile developments and architecture may seem to be two conflicting approaches to deliver software initiatives as first glance. In reality, they can be very complimentary. Agility allows very quick reaction times and expedient delivery of initiatives in a continuous flow, which is a necessity in quickly changing corporate environments. [...]

Digital Transformation: How to Set your Priorities Using Architecture

Most large organizations are undergoing major digital transformation that will last for at minimum another 10 years. Successful enterprises will rightfully claim that their organizational transformation never ends and has become a continuous process. Yet, capital and human resources are finite and all initiatives to be delivered should generate a good return on investment. [...]

Business Case: Healthcare Clinical Services Transformation Using Enterprise and Business Architecture


This anonymous organization located in North America delivers healthcare through almost 500 facilities, including hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities, mental health facilities and community health sites, while providing a variety of programs and services with a total number of employees well over 100,000 all located in one state/province. This healthcare organization has an [...]