Presenting IRIS Business Architect’s Newest Partner, EA Principals

Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect, is proud to announce its partnership with EA Principals.

As a Gold Member of The Open Group, EA Principals is a well-established leader in Enterprise Architecture globally across all verticals, serving some of the world's most prestigious organizations.

EA Principals offers accredited courses in TOGAF® Version 9.2, [...]

Introducing IRIS Business Architect’s Newest Affiliate, Agora Insights

Benchmark Consulting, the creators of IRIS Business Architect, is delighted to announce its affiliation with Agora Insights, which specializes in training, mentoring, and consulting to support the business architecture and business analysis professions.

Agora Insights is a Guild Accredited Training Partner™ (GATP™) with the Business Architecture Guild® and an Endorsed Education Provider™ with the IIBA®.

“Our [...]

The Importance of a Modern Data Architecture

by Daniel Lambert

Data is everywhere. There were about 21.6 billion devices (phones, cameras, and sensors) of all types connected to the Internet in 2020 [1]. This was about 2.6 devices per person worldwide [2]. This number should grow to 5.0 devices per person by 2025. In terms of data, the numbers are astronomical. In [...]

(English) Your Enterprise Architecture Practice Maturity Assessment – 2021 Survey Highlights


Many additional subjects could have been addressed in this survey. For example, the variance of answers for each question is very high. In other words, some enterprise architecture practices have very high scores and are performing very well; while others have extremely low scores and are barely in existence. Another great question in need [...]

LIVRE DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS: Concevoir, architecturer, prioriser et réaliser avec succès l’avenir de votre entreprise

Notre livre "Practical Guide to Agile Strategy Execution: Design, Architect, Prioritize, and Deliver your Corporate Future Successfully" est maintenant disponible en français sur Amazon (format numérique ou papier):

Guide pratique de l'exécution agile de la stratégie: Concevoir, architecturer, prioriser et réaliser avec succès l'avenir de votre entreprise (en France):
Guide pratique de l'exécution agile de [...]

Essai gratuit d’IRIS Business Architect version 3

Il n’a jamais été aussi facile de concevoir, d’architecturer, de hiérarchiser et d’assurer avec succès l’avenir de votre entreprise qu’avec notre nouvelle application IRIS Busines Architect version 3 hébergé sur le cloud ou sur site, tel qu'indiqué dans ce vidéo de deux minutes. Demandez une démonstration, un essai ou des informations supplémentaires.

7 Tips to Grow your Enterprise and Business Architecture Practice

Whitepaper written by Daniel Lambert

You're starting your business enterprise architecture practice? Do you feel your enterprise and business architecture is not performing to its full capacity? In this whitepaper, you will learn seven tips on how to increase the odds of success of your business architecture practice within your organization. You will learn how [...]

(English) Delivering Successful Agile Projects Using Architecture

by Daniel Lambert

Enterprise architecture can be very complementary to the success of agile programs and projects by increasing the odds of reaching your targeted business outcomes. Here is how this can be done.

Limited Success Rate of Digital Transformation – Still Today

Too many of the projects initiated by traditional businesses fail to deliver meaningful business [...]

(English) Capabilities – the Heart of your Business and Enterprise Architecture

Watch this video about business capabilities – the heart of your business and enterprise architecture. It's a good review of business capabilities explained in less than 3 minutes.

This video is part of a series of videos available on our IRIS Business Architect YouTube Channel.

(English) Healthcare Business Architecture Framework and Examples

Souhaitez-vous que votre pratique d'architecture d'entreprise et d'architecture métier aient rapidement un impact positif? Souhaitez-vous mettre en place une pratique d'architecture d'entreprise performante? Accélérez votre succès avec notre cadre et nos services de conseil personnalisés spécifiques à l'industrie des télécoms.

Notre offre de service d'implémentation d'architecture métier pour les télécoms IRIS comprend notre cadre d'architecture [...]