The Object Management Group® (OMG®) is presenting the "Business Architecture Master Series: Making It Real" Conference in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on June 18-19, 2019.

From inception, business architecture was never intended to be a standalone discipline. As a result, organizations are increasingly using business architecture as a way to ground and align a variety of business and IT disciplines, ensuring that these disciplines collectively work towards a common set of goals. The Business Architecture Master Series will inform attendees of business architecture’s use and further potential as the primary enabler of interdisciplinary business value realization. The first Master Series focuses on four high profile topics: strategy realization, customer experience enablement, agile execution and enterprise architecture alignment. Each session will explore the current state of the practice along with future advancements for each discipline. The Master Series opens a new window into business architecture and represents the next logical step in this rapidly expanding discipline.

We will be showcasing a beta version of IRIS Business Architect Release 3.0, which promises to be a real game changer. The new version will be fully browser-based and adapted to usage on tablets as well. It will also bring a totally revamped role-based user interface, with all the features you love and many more, such as easier navigation, more intuitive presentation, easier collaboration between users and viewers, bookmarks, notifications, tasks to manage progress, improved security and more. This new version will have unique dashboards specific to business stakeholders, business architects, enterprise architects, product managers, business analysts, and process experts. There will be no need to download the IRIS Business Architect software on the user's computer.

We hope you can make it to Amsterdam! It would be great to meet you there.