Over the past decade, the Business Architecture Innovation Summitâ„¢ has been the premier event dedicated to delivering implementation success stories, industry advancements, key learnings, and expediting business architecture adoption across the globe. Presenters from a wide variety of industries and disciplines have shared their experiences in delivering and leveraging business architecture across a wide range of business scenarios and expanding into new domains. As the discipline has evolved, so too have the presentations and discussions. The 2022 Summit will provide the opportunity to engage an ever-growing list of organizations, individuals, scenarios, and industries. There is a global business architecture community out there and this is the one event each year that brings us all together in person.

We will be there and showcase our browser-based software application IRIS Business Architect. Our clients can now edit all their current models, diagrams, tables, and reports desktop functionalities from their browsers. IRIS Business Architect allows easier navigation, a more intuitive presentation, easier collaboration between users and viewers, bookmarks, notifications, tasks to manage progress, improved security, and much more. There is no need to download and install the IRIS Business Architect client software on your computer, simplifying the deployment process drastically. The IRIS Business Architect 3.0 server can be hosted on-premise or on the cloud using AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you there!