We are very glad to be presenting at the IASA Global BIL-T Conference web summit on November 11 about the "Architecture of Tomorrow".

The presentation at 10:00 AM Eastern time will be about "Demystifying the Business Architecture Iceberg Syndrome". Most organizations recognize that they urgently need to innovate and use new technology to stay relevant. Many are not aware of what it entails. Successful innovation implementation is much more than technology. It needs to also include:

  • executive sponsorship,
  • real business architects,
  • more customer-driven business model,
  • product architecture,
  • capability-based roadmaps,
  • data reorganized into clear and useful information,
  • project business outcomes linked to goals and objectives,
  • change management, and
  • an agile mindset in general.

Daniel Lambert will be presenting. We invite you to register for this IASA Global BIL-T Conference web summit and attend his presentation, of course, but also all the other very valuable presentations.