Our Partner Program helps practitioners and consulting organizations develop comprehensive and optimal strategic transformation initiatives. We are actively seeking new partners to support the growing global demand for our product, IRIS Business Architect. If you have an interest, request a free live demo, download our free trial or simply contact us at anytime.

Increase Team Cohesion with Clients

Cohesion With IRIS Business Architect, our partners increase their clients’ team cohesion among their business architects and their stakeholders and provide them with better tools to facilitate the achievement of their goals.

Easily Collaborate with Clients’ Business Architects

Team collaboration With IRIS Business Architect, our partners can collaborate much more easily with their clients’ Business Architects during their mandate to optimize their work to the entire satisfaction of their clients.

Share Work Quickly with Clients’ Stakeholders

Partner and Stakeholder With IRIS Business Architect, our partners can share their work quickly with their clients’ senior stakeholders using IRIS Business Architect to increase better communication and adherence to the corporation’s new strategy.