IRIS Business Architect is part of the IRIS Enterprise Software Suite created and developed by the folks at Benchmark. Benchmark provides industry-leading software to dynamic leaders - including Business and Enterprise Architects - in the finance, insurance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and telecommunication industries.

Benchmark employs people with deep software development expertise and ability. We use a series of methods and technologies to deliver high quality industry-leading software products to highly demanding and dynamic leaders in large enterprises. Our software products are key contributors to our clients’ success in succeeding in drastically reducing the time and complexity of modernizing business processes and legacy applications to ensure that our client’s remain at the top end of their industry.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our company, guiding how we behave and make decisions. This is the SPIRIT of our company:


We act with speed and agility - We achieve results at a rate faster than our competitors.


We are passionate about our clients and perform for them at a high level of achievement and contribution - We put the client first in everything we do and are relentless in implementing better ways of getting superior results.


We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity - We are open, honest and direct in our dealings.


We have trust and respect for individuals - We approach our work with the belief that people want to do a good job-and will do so, when given the right tools and support.


We deliver meaningful innovation  - We are a company that delivers the useful and the significant.


We achieve our results through teamwork - Effective collaboration is essential to our success.